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Range 0 To 50
Battery 12 Amp / 12 Volt (12V/12A)
Sloarpanel 15 Watt / 20 Watt
Batterybackup 2 / 3 Days
Rated Residual
Operating Time

MODAL: JK -01 50 

Output energy : 25 TO 50 BIGHA Set

Output Voltage : 6 to 8 KV, selectable model

Output current : 5.6A

Pulse Interval : 1.2 second nominal

Pulse Duration : 200 micro second, nominal

HV output : 8000 V 1 zone 

LV output : 6000 V 1 Zones

Input current : 1.5A, to 500ma nominal, depend on model

Battery : 12V/12AH AMRON

Input solar : 20WATT JK MAKE


  • JK AUTOMATION fence energizer is World’s most powerful Fence Energizer which is design, tested and Government Approved as per standard of safety BIS 302-2-76.

  • 165 countries of the world are using this technology for protecting their crops from wild animals.

  • A Professional security system which can be use by Airport, Military, B.S.F, Forest department for protecting their properties from theft, intrusion, Pilferage and Sabotage.

  • Programmable siren system: Users can program siren according to their need,Like 

  • When fencing wire break, • When animals touch to fencing ,

  • When branches touch to fencing,

  • When heavy voltage drop from fencing,

  • Extra power function can be avoid rustling animals.

  • Automatic and manual function: Automatic starts at night and off at the morning

  • Power management system Provide long Battery life-period

  • Live And Return wire system 

  • All type of indication can give all information of Fence energizer’s status

  • 1 to 500 acres of different types of models for agriculture.

  • All kind of Information and services are provided through the company’s top-level technical experts.

  • Running from 100% sunlight, does not need electricity.

  • It gives short, sharp and painful shock but there is not physical harm to the man and animal.

  • It can run 2 weeks without sunlight.

  • 100% result and 30 days money-back guarantee.